Bar in Vilnius

The best bars in Vilnius attract people of different ages from all over Lithuania, seeking unique experiences and distinctive places that can surprise them. The top Vilnius bars indeed have much to offer, but the place that surpasses them all is the night bar located in the Trinity space, named Digestivo. Trinity is the first venue of its kind in Lithuania, introducing locals and city guests to a unique environment, professional staff, and a cocktail venue, Digestivo, that rivals the best bars in the world.

The Digestivo bar in Vilnius is the perfect place to continue the impressions of a dinner on the second floor and open up to the delights of the night. An informal atmosphere, pleasant buzz, and tasteful music that doesn’t drown out conversations will let you forget the day’s troubles and dive into a nocturnal world full of secrets, intriguing stories, and unforgettable moments.

Cozy bars in Vilnius stand out with their aura, and the Trinity space along with its Digestivo bar stands out with its historical building and well-preserved authenticity. Beneath the 18th-century brick vaults that once housed a women's monastery, the Digestivo cocktail bar offers a creatively crafted drink menu by master mixologists. Inspired by Italian drinking traditions and made by professionals using the highest quality spirits, the cocktail menu surpasses anything you’ve seen before. This night bar in Vilnius will offer the perfect cocktail for anyone—whether you prefer a sweet, refreshing, or rich flavored drink.

The best bar in Vilnius—Digestivo—is proud and delighted to have strong professionals in its team, true virtuosos of mixology. Almost every year since Trinity's inception, they have won top prizes in various competitions, testing their skills in creating the best, most interesting, delicious, and creative cocktails.

Digestivo is a great bar in Vilnius, right in the heart of the city, waiting for night owls who have planned their evening in advance and descended from the second-floor a la carte restaurant to continue the night’s pleasures. We provide the opportunity to transform this space into a private venue for your celebrations, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or corporate party.

Reserve a table at the Digestivo bar, by calling us or filling out the form on our website. Our working hours are flexible—you can leisurely extend your evening long after the gourmet dinner delights. Night bars in Vilnius, together with Trinity, await everyone who wants to relax, have a good time, and create unforgettable memories with rich-flavored cocktails by their side.